The blog so far - Some creative writings, short stories, blogs, essays, as an attempt to make sense of this reality. Don't take it too literally, but remember, often mythic fiction contains an element of truth unobtainable to straight factual literature.

Music - Some attempts at communicating with angelic or spirit beings, or invoking creative energies with sound.

Film - Inspired by too many various artists to mention, we've attempted to communicate our transcendental visions.

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Some interesting links below

Rupert Sheldrake

The Science Delusion in the UK and Science Set Free in the US, examines the ten dogmas of modern science, and shows how they can be turned into questions that open up new vistas of scientific possibility.

The Academy of Ideas -

Charles Eisenstein - Podcasts

Jason Louv - What is White Magick? ​

Robert Anton Wilson - Website

Alan Watts -

Timothy Leary - ​

Terence McKenna - 

Rupert Sheldrake - 

J. Krishnamurti - 

Osho - 

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